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Welcome to the Waukesha West Junior Girls Basketball Club

The Junior Wolverines Girls Basketball Club, Inc. was created to promote girls' youth basketball and provide playing opportunities for elementary and middle school girls in the Waukesha West school district.  While this club has a strong working relationship with the Waukesha West High School Girl's program, we are a stand-alone organization.

The club was established as a result of the school system eliminating most school sports at the elementary and middle schools in Waukesha.  We provide competitive league and tournament play for a reasonable cost.  All Board members and coaches are volunteers, and your fees cover league costs, tournament costs, uniforms, equipment, practice facilities, and other administrative costs like the maintenance of this website.

Player Registration for the 2020-2021 Season

To participate in the upcoming tryouts, your player must be registered using the below link.

If you have registered in the past, please log into that SportsEngine account to register and please remember to update the Grade. On the Shopping Cart page, you need to update the PAYMENT OPTIONS drop down to "Pay Offline" and then click CHECKOUT. It will then get you to the Receipt/REGISTRATION COMPLETE page and not send you to a page to pay your fee. Fees will be paid at a later date once we know a season is happening.

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